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Anatomy of a Run Read more

Anatomy of a Run

If you've ever had an earworm (a song that you can't get out or your head), or have had to wile away hours on a long trip, you know that your brain is constantly looking for something to stimulate and entertain.

Same thing with running. 

Wimpy Girl's brain, during a run, is more than just an angel or devil sitting on her shoulder. It wanders and creates imaginative fantasy worlds of happiness and total bliss...until around Mile 2. Then, things change...a lot!

You'll see what I mean as you read this story. Enjoy!

Wimpy Girl Fashion Statement Read more

Wimpy Girl Fashion Statement

Even though she may not be the fastest runner in a race or on a jogging trail, Wimpy Girl tries her darndest to be fashionable. Not an easy task.

Often displaying a fair amount of "dorky" Wimpy Girl lumbers along with her "musts" to insure she does her best. 

Here's a list of the precious, signature items that make her a fashion maven in running circles.


Running Sense of Humor Read more

Running Sense of Humor

It all began with 15 pounds and an evil, chiding set of bathroom scales. 

It's tough to do something you've never done before, especially when you're kind of old and set in your ways. But it didn't stop Wimpy Girl!

Read about the journey from one foot teasing the street of her neighborhood to proudly crossing the finish line of her first 5k race.

If you've ever needed a prod to "get with it" on a new venture, this story is for you! Enjoy!




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