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Lifestyle Changes
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Lifestyle Changes

All of the experts agree that persons who want to make permanent weight loss changes must commit to making life-style changes. Joe Decker knows that this is true. Several years back Joe weighed 240 lbs. and with a body mass index of 38 and height of 5’8” which put him into the obese category.

Joe was bartending in New Orleans and his diet consisted of junk food and alcohol. His late-hour, party schedule was virtually devoid of exercise and fresh-air activity. His friends were all fellow partiers and he described his happiest moments as being when he was drunk or watching TV.

One day Joe woke up and looked at himself in the mirror and decided that he needed to make a change. He tried everything he could to lose weight -- high protein, low carb diets, low protein, high carb diets, weight loss medications -- only to yo-yo back and forth with his weight.

Finally, it struck him that losing weight was a whole-life endeavor. He dumped the “diet” idea and began to focus on eating more wisely. When this happened his drinking subsided. As he started feeling better, he began to engage a regular exercise regime.

As a former college athlete, Joe was humbled by starting with a simple walking routine, but as his stamina increased he added running, biking and strength training to his workout program. Eventually he worked into a 6-day-a-week exercise program.

Over the course of six months Decker lost 60 pounds but the biggest change that happened was his focus. He quit his bartending job and became a personal trainer to start helping others get into shape. By acknowledging his own personal addictive personality and rechanneling it into a different set of concerns, he was able to compete in extreme athletic endurance competitions that won him the title of “The World’s Fittest Man.” This would have been unthinkable a few years earlier.

Joe recently chronicled his personal transformation in a book title The World’s Fittest You: Four Weeks to Total Fitness. While his book offers great eating and workout advice, its core message involves making a complete life change.

The Nitty Gritty

If you are serious about change, do a little soul searching by asking yourself these questions:

1. Are you leading the life of a healthy, active person? A person you could admire? Do you have the interests, priorities and passions of a healthy person? What positive changes do you think might make the biggest difference?

2. Are you surrounding yourself with healthy motivated people? Do you have relationships that encourage and inspire you or hold you back?

3. Are you aware of any lifestyle habits or addictions that are absorbing your energy or holding you back? What things are taking up most of your time and focus?

4. Do you have a variety of fun, relaxing or exciting opportunities to move and use your body throughout the day or week?

It’s a start.

And be honest with yourself by realizing that the results you want will not “stick” unless you make a lifestyle change. 

Be adventurous. Be daring. Be consistent. 

You’ve got this Wimpy Girl.

To a new YOU,

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