Thursday, December 3, 2020

About Pookie aka Wimpy Girl

Started this when she was 50-something, now is 60-something
Welcomed 60 because all she has to do is show up at a 5K race and she’s pretty much guaranteed a medal
Began running “later” in life
Walks more than she runs, but calls each day’s event a “run”
Is married to Capt’n Clean, a now-retired medical engineer…
House-sits all over the world and thus, runs all over the world
No matter where she is, her house is always tidy and neat (because she is married to Capt’n Clean)…
Used to do stand-up comedy
Has two grown, successful, happy sons
Is the eldest of 4 kids, so has OCD (Oldest Child Disorder), which often makes her bossy…
Graduated with several degrees from Texas A&M University – WHOOP!...
Loves college football
Loves Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett
Used to be a theatre teacher
Taught clowning
Wears a knee brace when she runs…
Runs barefoot with Vibram 5-Fingers shoes…
Must drink coffee every morning with creamer and honey…
Loves her fanny pack
Is addicted to listening to audio books
Loves pizza
Loves to draw and write
Loves Capt’n Clean and of course…




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