Thursday, December 3, 2020

Meet Wonder Woman with a Do Rag!

Welcome to the dorky, weird and hilarious world of Wimpy Girl! Wimpy Girl is a webcomic that follows the life of a not-so-young woman who decides to start walking, then running. With encouragement from her husband, Capt'n Clean, and accountability checks from fitness trackers, Fiona and Felipe Fitbit, she discovers  the world of exercise that redefines and stretches her far beyond her previously boring comfort zones. 

If you know someone that you think might be a Wimpy Girl, you'll giggle at her daily adventures. If you live with a Wimpy Girl, bless your heart. Maybe laughing along with Capt'n Clean will help you cope. If you read a few Wimpy Girl stories and go, "Yep, that's me..." then, sister, welcome home!

So, lace up your tennis shoes, wiggle into your sports bra, strap on your knee brace, and enjoy Wimpy Girl and her running sense of humor!



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